The Royal Artillery Yacht Club (RAYC) is a not for profit Company Limited by Guarantee registered in England and Wales with Companies House, Company Number 10301950.              

The Aim of the Club

The Royal Artillery Yacht Club (RAYC) promotes sailing amongst all ranks of the Gunners; providing opportunities, encouragement, funding and support to all members of the Royal Regiment and their families who wish to participate in the sport for adventurous training, competitive and recreational benefit.

The Club seeks to develop key skills and qualifications amongst its members in the four disciplines of Offshore, Dinghies & Dayboats Windsurfing and Kitesurfing. In addition, the Club provides training in powerboat handling, management and safety. It does this by arranging training opportunities, running centrally coordinated events and by providing expert advice, equipment and financial support to those who seek to develop their own sailing ambitions.


From before 2012 the committee of the RAYC, which is currently an unincorporated sports club, has been considering how more protection could be provided for the trustees, committee and members of the club in the event of someone wishing to sue them.  The subject of financial advantage from HMRC of charitable status was a secondary consideration.   We took advice from other knowledgeable members of the Club who had experience in these matters and from the solicitors of Wilsons of Salisbury and another similar legal company in Bristol.

At the AGM in 2015 the move to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) was discussed.   It was considered that a "foundation constitution", with trustees, would not be appropriate for a Club whose members would wish to exercise their right to influence decisions by use of their vote.  The "association constitution" which allows all members a degree of governance, was also considered inappropriate because: 

1.   A CIO with the object of "the promotion of efficiency of the armed forces...... by the provision of sport facilities etc......" could not legally allow retired Club members to take advantage of the new entity.  This would not be acceptable to our members.   

2.  A CIO with an objective including "serving and former members" would, because of the "public benefit" requirement imposed on charities, have to accept any civilian applying for membership.   Exclusivity of membership could be legally challenged.   This was also considered unacceptable to us.   

Legal advice was steering us to become a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) and at the AGM on 25 February 2016 it was agreed to pursue this course.  The decision whether or not to become a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC), or to seek other charitable status, as well could be taken later after incorporation, but this could still fall foul of the public benefit requirement.   

Since the AGM we have:

  • Engaged the services of Jordans of Bristol, a company specialising in the setting up of CsLG
  • Constructed appropriate articles specific to the RAYC, using the templates from Jordans and the RYA, and had these agreed as legally sound by Jordans 
  • Circulated the draft articles to the committee for approval
  • Obtained permission from the Cabinet Office for use of “Royal” in the title

The following ongoing action is taking place:

  • Obtaining final legal advice to ensure that there is nothing in the articles or the act of incorporation that would jeopardise the Club's and members' activities
  • Propose necessary changes to the RAYC rules to ensure that they conform with the articles
  • Publish the articles of the CLG on the RAYC website.  (Version 7 is published here.  This is close to the final proposed articles).  

The proposed way forward is:

  • To set up the company in June or July after final legal advice
  • To start company trading on 1 November 2016 so that the first set of company accounts will be prepared to 31 October 2017  
  • To move all bank accounts to the new CLG
  • To change ownership of yachts, and debenture from the Trustees to the new company
  • For the committee to review the implications of increasing the subscription simultaneously. (It has been £15 for 14 years).
  • If CASC, or other charitable status, is deemed appropriate, to set it up including “gift aid”

Should you have any comments on these proposals you are asked to contact the Hon Treasurer. 

RAYC Membership E-mail Contacts Database - Update

The Hon Secretary and Hon Membership Secretary are endeavouring to update the E-Mail Contacts Database for the RAYC Membership. It would be helpful if all those members who have not received an e-mail from the Honorary Secretary this year could send a confirmatory e-mail to the Hon Secretary from their preferred e-mail address. This will not result in a deluge of e-mails on RAYC related matters in the future and its use will be restricted to notifications of major RAYC events such as the various regattas, the AGM, Commodore's Luncheons and circulation of the RAYC Year Book on a biennial basis. Such e-mail addresses will in future also be used on a restricted basis and your e-mail address will not be widely distributed. Returns should be addressed to the following; morganmjc@yahoo.com and rayc_membership@hotmail.co.uk. Alternatively if you could fill out an updated membership details and send either electronically or by the post to the Hon Membership Secretary using the form here..

Flag Officers:


General the Lord Richards of Herstmonceux G.C.B C.B.E D.S.O


Colonel N A Wilson




Contact Major J E D Cunningham for information about Moorings. Click Moorings to e-mail.


Contact John Johnson; Ed Middleton. Click Boatswain to e-mail.

Based in Building 100 of the AOSC at Fort Blockhouse Military: 9380 65681 or Civil:02392 765681; mob 07935 354954 (Also Duty Number).

RAYC website:

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Find RAYC on Facebook  Follow the link line to request membership (may need to register in Facebook first)

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